Sunday, October 5, 2008

Work - A Passion !

I believe that anyone will agree that Passion for Work is so commonplace and might be beating "working frustration" hands down. There are n number of reasons one can chalk out, like it gives you a sense of purpose, reason for existence, feeling of achievement and so on.

While discussing work, the Ist thing that comes to mind is that a person will be definitely happier or more passionate for her work if the work matches her aptitude or interest.

The other important reason for enjoying your work may stem from the feeling that you are learning something continously. Next contributing factor might be lack of monotonous work offering avenues for change and creativity.

A sense of ownership of the work and some idealistic ideas about the vision of the goals your work is going to accomplish definitely makes one love their work. Atlas Shrugged's Dagny Taggart's obsessive love for her work perhaps stemmed from her owning the heritage of the company she was at the helm of and her struggle to keep it running at any cost is heart rendering.

The critical significance of the work being done by you when emphasised definitely makes one like their work as it gives you some important place in the universe's scheme of things rather than just being a spoke in a wheel or a speck in the universe.

Coming from the generalized view to the specialized view of being an Indian, I would say that many career directions are decided not just by the aptitude, but by the probability of having a secure career path and easy buck. Still human being an entirely adjustable species mostly starts finding the satisfaction and happiness in the above chosen work area.

I for myself being interested in many work directions would have been happier in most of the directions I could have taken. The idea of work regulating your life providing you with goals and something to do is intoxicating to me at least.

I as a general rule dont say no to any work to which I can be assigned and mostly I end up enjoying the assigned work because there's something to learn from doing any kind of work. And you can have a balanced life pursuing your other interests on your own !

My above mentioned work tendencies can be credited to my optimistic never say die attitude or rather being dead patient about circumstances.

Talk about work passion is incomplete unless and until one takes the energetic action oriented attitude and the level of initiative which is taken and acted upon in account. Motivating people for doing the work with true zeal might be what the management is all about !

I think I have jotted down some of my reflections about passion for work which I could think of currently, I might expand on it, if something substantial related to this flits across my mind any time.
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