Monday, June 30, 2014

Transformers - Age of Extinction

We do watch all sci-fi english films like X-men and I have liked all earlier transformers. But I definitely didn't like the dumbing down of female characters in the series. Megan Fox was much better in first two movies and looked ready to stand equal in fighting the alien warfare. Then since Megan Fox's departure from the series, the lead lady role needs to be protected and isn't much of a fighter.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Solo Bike Journey to Ladakh

My husband is an avid biker and he has been to Ladakh on a solo trip last year. He had a great trip and being inspired by Jim Rogers (of the Investment Biker fame); he has written a detailed travelogue of his own sojourn.

And just like Jim Rogers, he dreams of going on a world tour on his bike some day.

The Ladakh travelogue is in form of a blog series whose links are mentioned below:

Part 1: Mumbai - Manali

Part 2: Manali - Leh

Part 3: Khardung-La & Nubra Valley

Part 4: Chang-La & Pangong Tso

Part 5: Leh - Manali - Delhi

Although I have been on a bike ride to Konkan with him.

A small account of Konkan ride written by me is:

I wish one day I will also get the courage to attempt such a journey on a motor bike ! :)

The photograph of the Ladakh trip, which I find to be most memorable is this one:

Love the innocent smiles of the kids against a bright background ! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Movie Reviews - Queen, Highway and X-men - Days of the future past

I have been motivated to write something after a very long time. I recently watched the three movies, Queen, Highway and latest X-men movie. 

I found Queen and Highway to be very similar, both highlighting the restricted life of young indian women, with everything being dictated by the society and the people around them. How the young Indian women of today are yearning for some freedom and trying to get the courage to break all these shackles around them.

The high expectations added by us and others on us can sometimes feel like a huge burden. In both of these movies, once the young girls are able to get away from their day to day life, they are able to realize and enjoy the freedom and explore the world around them.

X-men was great fun as usual. I really liked James Mcavoy. Anyway, I am a huge fan, with atonement being the first movie I watched, starring him.