Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Movie Review - Frequency (Genre - Science Fiction Thriller)

I have always been a huge fan of science fiction movies. I have especially liked a movie in time travel movie genre: Frequency. I have watched this movie which was released in year 2000, multiple times on TV.

In Frequency, a kid who grows up to be a cop played by Jim Caviezel is able to talk with his fire-fighter dad played by Dennis Quaid in past through a ham radio network due to a supernatural effect of Northern lights aurora.

On the basis of the future events knowledge, Jim Caviezel is able to guide his dad on how to save his dad's life in past in a fire-fighting incident. But saving his dad has some other consequences. His mother ends up being dead in his future life, after getting killed by a serial killer.

Jim being a cop and having the knowledge of serial killer's case in his alternate future life is now able to interact with his dad again and together they help in nabbing the serial killer and in ensuring a happy future with the complete family being happy together.

It's an immensely watchable movie due to the thriller tone of the movie and the intriguing time travel related science fiction aspects.

This movie also shows the effect of Butterfly Effect as the small changes made in past have a huge impact on the future, and thus the lead character ends up having multiple alternate realities, through making small changes in his past life by guiding his dad.

The movie is also about family and social connections as the movie's final happy moment consists of whole family playing together a baseball game along with their neighbors.

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In another post, I will discuss another similar movie "Butterfly Effect".

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