Monday, June 25, 2012

Sims Social City is in Beta !

Sim Social City in beta is looking like a poor cousin of cityville in its beta version, with graphics not leaving an impact at all !

The functionality and way to operate is also very similar and it doesn't give any additional value or anything on the novelty front !

Being a regular player of Sims Social, the expectations were much higher ! Let's hope EA will get its act together and roll out something better by updating it with some innovative ideas !

I like cityville perfectly well, its only problem is that it asks for too many parts to complete the bulidings. One good idea can be more interaction with the inhabitants of the city ! 

And there should be ways to make citizens happier ! :)

Infact, EA just needs to derive inspiration from its sims social and provide interactions with the inhabitants in the city ! :) 

Infact players should be allowed to choose inhabitants which should be placed in neighbouring homes, like create a city section which is artistic and place artist inhabitants in that place ! 

Then   you can create a tech city section and create one silicon valley with tech colleges and tech companies in the area ! Nerd looking inhabitants should roam that area ! :)

Then the city sections can be enhanced by adding tech parks or adding art musuems to the artistic sections of the city ! And the player who manages to create multiple good sections of the city should get higher points !

And the game needs to be more competitive, with a world rank, country rank, city rank & friends rank ! A person who is playing the game should feel that the game is winnable !

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