Saturday, May 24, 2014

Movie Reviews - Queen, Highway and X-men - Days of the future past

I have been motivated to write something after a very long time. I recently watched the three movies, Queen, Highway and latest X-men movie. 

I found Queen and Highway to be very similar, both highlighting the restricted life of young indian women, with everything being dictated by the society and the people around them. How the young Indian women of today are yearning for some freedom and trying to get the courage to break all these shackles around them.

The high expectations added by us and others on us can sometimes feel like a huge burden. In both of these movies, once the young girls are able to get away from their day to day life, they are able to realize and enjoy the freedom and explore the world around them.

X-men was great fun as usual. I really liked James Mcavoy. Anyway, I am a huge fan, with atonement being the first movie I watched, starring him. 

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