Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recently read books !

Once upon a time I wrote my last blog entry. So I decided to come again and write a few hundred/thousand words. The topic is not yet decided, but I think discussion of recently read books should suffice!

I have read 3 mistakes of my life - latest by chetan bhagat, infact read it twice. I liked this latest literary sojourn by chetan bhagat a lot too. As per my rankings it's perhaps better than one night at the call centre, but Chetan Bhagat will perhaps never again beat his own masterpiece - 5 point someone. My taste is realistic one, and whenever anybody starts getting too imaginative I start drowning in the literal liberty taken by the author.

Coming back to 3 mistakes, the underlying theme is of the friendship of 3 friends, with cricket and religion getting weaved in the medley. The story has turned out to be interesting keeping the curious reader pasted to the book till it ends.

Another point which I have noticed about Chetan Bhagat's writing is the way he writes about the boy's angle in a relationship and his views about the girl. The guys always feel sarcastic about the way girls' behave, noticing tiny little details about personality quirks. Still the dear guy would fall hopelessly caught by visual and verbal antics of the girl.

The other one which I bought is Andy Grove's biography, one of the many books written about the persona. It gives an insight in the managment guidelines, observed from the way people and processes are managed in Intel. An interesting and knowledgable read, no doubt about it.

The third one I recently tried to read was Paulo Coelho's Brida which turned out to be simply disappointing. All that spiritual connect, the twists and the realtions to the old mythology lure present in all Paulo Coelho books turned out to be missing. I havent managed to complete it and my best friend reading the same copy condemned it too. Still I think I will try to read this "set of pages cast in a good cover but bad content" once again to get some value of my hard earned money spent on this book.

And the book I am planning to read is "Almost Single" by Advaita Kala. I believe I will enjoy that book having sampled an excerpt. And I plan to read "The Living" by Ayn Rand too, but I think it's a sad book, hence never managed to make myself read it.

I think I am done with the current review, and will continue with the next review some time later, perhaps the next review might be about latest movies.
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