Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Wolverine 2 - Sequel Review

Watching the Wolverine !
The movie starts on a good note with Wolverine waking up from a multi-layered dream, and living an isolated life in an Alaska-sqeue land. But suddenly Wolverine is recruited by a red-haired japanese girl to play a part in a japanese story. The japanese girl is also a mutant with an ability to sense the death of other people.
Now, the second nice note appears, as it turns out that Wolverine had saved the life of the girl's employer at the time of Nagasaki Bombing, which has been shown nicely. The girl reminded me of samurai girl warriors in Kill Bill.
Now, as soon as Wolverine meets the old acquintance who is on his death bed, the old guy who is heading a big technical company indicates that he could help Wolverine escape his life and he can pass on his 'power to heal' to someone else. The old guy wants to give the responsibility of saving his grand daughter to Wolverine.
Even after this creepy admission by the old guy, about ending wolverine's life, wolverine is unable to escape because he has to play the lone hero in this story and singlehandedly save the old guy's grand daughter Mariko from multiple endless goons.
The "suspension of disbelief" required by this movie is huge as the characters are not fleshed out, the story points are not logically connected. There is not sufficient back-story for multiple scenes and multiple characters.
There is a similar scene to the Matrix scene, where Wolverine ends up taking a metallic insect out of his body. The intentions of the Viper lady and what all she keeps on doing on her victims are not clear.

How did the japanese end up getting lot of admantium to prepare an exo-skeleton based armour to fight wolverine is not clear at all. There is no connection to the X-Men series at all, except for the dream appearance of Jean in Wolverine's dreams.
I think the only scene saving the grace is the final scene after credits which gives you a hope that "Professor X" will be back in next X-Men movie.
So, you can enjoy this movie if you can stay away from applying your mind and don't go with the expectation of a complex multi-layered story.

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