Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pointers on how to give a presentation !

As a part of my job, we are involved in presenting to multiple stakeholders, so kindly find below what all I think I have learned as a part of my job, about how to give presentations.


1) Know your content.
2) Be comfortable with your slides.
3) Be accurate.
4) Be confident.
5) Rehearse your content.
6) Be well dressed.
7) Have fun !
8) Try to be interactive.
9) Involve your audience.
10) Always customize your content as per your audience.
11) Be comfortable with the environment in which you are going to present.
12) Always believe that you know something share-able, that's why you are presenting.
13) Be enthusiastic and passionate.
14) Describe and tell stories and examples.
15) Use pictures and animations and videos.
16) Don't move around much.
17) Don't use too many gestures and hand movements.
18) Use voice modulation to generate interest.
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