Thursday, January 27, 2011


My favorite game these days is "Cityville". I think it's strategic till now, and involves decorative elements and you really feel that you are going ahead and planning a city. The next aim is having a sea port, then the city will also have a beach. I as a mayor will try to ensure happiness of all cityville citizens :) The things which are still missing in my city are a bank, a hospital and a library. I am wondering that the game is not catching up as much as it should in my fb friend list. Ofcourse I need more neighbors and some easy ways to earn more games cash ! 

I am at level 25 and let's see when will I get bored.. maybe by level 35 I will stop playing this game ! Till then cityville ahoy ! seaward ho !  Of course it's from Treasure Island ! not the game ! But the book by R L Stevenson ! :)
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