Saturday, August 15, 2009

My addictions & quirks !

I think I live by my addictions ! My addictions are the oxygen which make me live and make life worth living. Now rating these various interests would be really difficult as all of them have some equivalent hold on me. Perhaps these can be discussed in chronological order.

When I was 2, I tried to give up drinking milk and starting on tea despite severe objections by my parents. The war still goes on ! I love almost all coffees especially cafe mocha too. What can be better than having double shots of caffiene and choclate and if possible icecream straight from one glass. The resulting feeling of bliss stays for a long time and the intoxicating head rush makes life look beautiful. Sometimes when I am sleep deprived, I cant even open my eyes and start working unless and until I have savoured a good cup of tea.

Like any child I was provided with many toys and some balloons specifically on sunday mornings. I took great interest in ensuring immortality of all my toys and tried to extend the same immortality concept to saving balloons forever too. This as expected led to my weeping sessions as soon as a balloon dropped dead. Till now I don't like candles because they die so soon, cant pluck a flower and dont like to get flowers as gifts as they die too.

On the other hand, I like killing mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and any other minor insects. I turn into courageous killer of lizards and rats too as and when the need arises.

The next greatest love would be for noodles starting with hamara apna maggi noodles. I loved its smell and ate it with great fascination since I was in second standard. Then I explored Top Ramen, curry smoodles etc, and survived on it whenever I didnt like the home or hostel food. The food for which I fantasize these days is only italian to be eaten at Flavors or Big Chill. Perhaps as I go rarely, so the novelty hasn't worn off.

Home food does have its own charm and certain dishes have that taste which cant be found anywhere else on earth. My mom, me and my brother specialize in that. Infact we can cook certain dishes in such an exactly same manner that the cook cant be distinguished e.g. rajma chawal. Perhaps learning recipes from same guru leads to this.

I have a propensity to be addicted to online games as well, but thankfully I get bored after a certain time, say 15 days or a month. Still I have spent a good deal of time on all need for speed games, my eternal favorite. The current ones are mafia wars and yoville on facebook. If a friend is currently reading this, kindly join facebook and these games for me, I terribly need some more crew.

I love good movies, watch them and read about them on net as much as possible. Wikipedia articles about matrix movies are great. I can be considered a cult fan of any series for which I become passionate.

The interest where I seek most of the novelty is songs. I get bored soon and can listen only as long as there's certain tone of voice or music which my conscious or subconscious mind hasnt learnt by rote yet. Once the novelty is over, song no longer holds any charm for me. I might still like the song if I hear it after some time or for that matter any other time, but the initial high is over.

I am saving my greatest addiction for the last - books. I owe my poor eysight to them. I started early, learned to read real fast, started reading champak, nandan, parag etc. i.e. many magazines for kids. I still remember so many of the stories and read comic books too like nagraj, super commando dhruv categroy. Then moved onto Enid Blyton and sort of the stuff. Finally today, I am an ardent fan of Harry Potter, twilight, all malcolm gladwell books, Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham,Ayn Rand, Jeffrey Archer, Erich Segal. Once I start an interesting book, I cant keep it down even if my eyes hurt or it maybe 2 or 3 in the morning. I have completed many books by the light of my cellphone when electricity went missing. The escape from real world to an alternate reality is too much of a wonderful experience. The only serious hobby which I could boast of is reading.

I liked painting and sketching but left it long back. Still colors have a strong asethetic appeal for me.

This was an easy post to write because as expected I know myself quite well. An individual is so complex that she cant be described in a few hundred words. Nothing of the above items make me unique as all are somehow typical human traits. But as its my blog, and this sudden brain wave about the word addiction caught me, here's it.
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