Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creative Dent Speak !!

Though the blog title refers to "I think therefore I am" and its my blog, still I have been stuck in the negation of another concept "A good blog today is better than a great blog never". Thinking of that perfect entry, I wrote nothing till date. So today at last I got inspired not by my creativity, but by the creativity of my cousin brother who has almost become a dentist and thus even writes poems about teeth !! Actually he has sort of written a self speak by a tooth which I thought was quite good. Now my appreciation might be a bit on the higher side as it has been written by my sibling with whom I have shared a major part of my life !! The brat has lived with us since he entered school and has played the part of a sibling/real brother.

I can write a lot abt him. To start with he's a food junkie which ended up making him a looming giant. At least he seems so when we walk together on street. We hv watched a lot of TV together, though he's much more passionate about it. He remembers all the scenes of all that doordarshan or 100 other odd channels have ever displayed to his eyeballs and even enacts well. He once enacted whole Godzilla movie for my benefit !! I talk a lot too, but he's a level up in this field too.

Now he writes well too, draws gud cartoons too !! And he claims to be inspired by me in lot of his talents !!

Now let's not delay the dental speak any more !! here's the poem by him. He is chief editor of the inaugral issue of his college magazine and is calling it DentalSpeak !! Needless to say he has taken lot of initiative for it !!

So at last here we present A poem by a tooth !! Other articles might be posted as well if deemed worthy by me after multiple editions :)

Everyt ime you speak,I help you,
beautify your smile,yes that’s what I do.
All the sweets and candy,
all the colas and brandy,
all cold and hot,
pleasures you had
and neglect I got.
I was so shiny,I was so strong,
Can’t u think what went wrong.
I thought you loved me,
I thought you will care,
But your apathy my dear;
has been my nightmare.
Today I hurt, I m your pain,
but with all this carelessness,what else could you gain.
Now you curse me ;
but couldn’t you brush me.
You have been so mean,
not to keep me clean.
I m dark and decayed today,
all strength I have lost.
I will fall anyday
hope than you will appreciate my cost
So mind what you eat,
mind your food
don’t be so rude.
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