Sunday, September 15, 2013

We need to disrupt Bollywood Commercial Movies Formula !

Sometimes I find it difficult to understand how Bollywood reached a stage where only 2 or 3 big movie launches per year are worth watching and can be considered intelligent movies. Hollywood is no better these days, they are also focused on sequels and lots of beefed up superheroes like "Superman", "Ironman" and "Batman" etc.

Hence, I am ending up watching one movie per year, with last year's choice being "Barfi" and this year's choice being "Madras Cafe".  Madras Cafe can be considered as India's "Zero Dark Thirty" kind of movie.

The definition of commercial Hindi Cinema has become loud movies with item songs and no worthwhile story.  In fact these movies claim to not tax your mind at all and are focused on providing entertainment only. Now that entertainment might be just dependent on slapstick comedy and lots of melodrama.

It's said that society and cinema reflect each other, so we need to hold a better mirror to improve our thinking. The inputs which we get from media especially from an impressive medium like movies have a lot of impact on our way of thinking.

Why can't we have intelligent, ingenuous movies which inspire you to think and ponder about relevant concepts of life. Why can't we promote the attempts at good cinema to go commercial and watch something which makes some sense and logic.

Why can't we have movies like "Taare Zameen Pe" or "3 Idiots" every year which pass along a good message and even make people questions the way they are currently behaving in Indian Society.

Where is the thought provoking cinema which is so desperately required by Indian Society ?

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Future of Shopping !

The future of shopping might happen through wearable smart computing devices like Google Glass. As it will already be aware of our preferences, it will be able to recommend us, the things which we might like. 

We might also be able to quickly snap a picture of anyone wearing whatever we like through Google Goggles, which will find similar item and its location where it can be bought. The price comparison with other listed vendors offering the same item will also be automatic and the best option will be automatically suggested to us.

We might also be able to use 3-D printing to print some of the items like plastic cups etc. which we like and won't have to go out to get something. If we want to eat pasta, the ingredients of pasta will be delivered to us automatically along with the recommended recipes.

The all knowledgeable gadget might suggest its own upgrades and keep on improving itself. As expected, it will talk to us like Siri, and learn from our preferences and the day will come when it will act like a personal shopper and do all the required shopping automatically.

The clothes will be of transparent plastic which will download the latest colors, designs and modify themselves automatically. This post utilizes lot of science fiction reference and imagination !